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New article added to Whistlestop Crossing Resource Section

There are some great things we all need to think about when we are surfing our websites, and checking to make sure that they are current and up to date.

Another Small Business to check out!

This is another great page that I found on Fecebook. I checked out their website and looked at pictures from a previous magazine, and the photos were awesome. –

There are some beautiful pictures on their website, and the ads are great eye candy also.

I ordered my yearly subscription. Can’t wait till I get my copy.

Check them out and let them know that you found them from The Speckled Goose!

Looking for some great eye candy and GREAT ideas?

I just found this page on facebook and they have some great ideas – and I LOVE ideas for using old things new ways. Check them out and let them know that you found they through me!

Off to look for more eye candy! and ideas!