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Week of January 27th, 2013 Blogging Journal

Ground Hog Day is within this weeks blog journal – what am I looking forward to most?

Well that is an easy topic for me, especially after spending a few days in San Antonio. I am most looking forward to warmer weather. We got back home to some warmer weather, but it has quickly changed. It is windy and cold, and expected to rain and snow tonight and tomorrow. We do need the mositure, but I want the sun and warmth back!

I would love to hear what you’re looking forward to most. Also if you’re participating in the 2013 Journal / Blogging Agenda created by Folk Magazine, I would love to have you post your link so that I can follow your journey.

Have a great week!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

Week of January 13th, 2013 Blogging Journal

I am having trouble with this weeks topic – what have I done that I thought I could never do – This is a tough one, I am such a positive thinker that I have a hard time thinking nothing is possible.


January 1st, 2013 ~ Blogging Journal

OK – the first week of January 2013 – here are 10 things I learned during 2012:

1. There is always time for family

2. There is always time for friends

3. There is always more work to be done

4. You can never get tomorrow back

5. No matter long your loved ones are gone, they are always with you

6. I will never get as much accomplished each day as I want to, or think I should

7. I really am a coffee snob


Happy Friday

It is a little cloudy in San Antoino this morning, but is is supposed to be 79 today. Can’t get any better than that.

Jennifer is driving down from Austin to pick us up and take us to tour her house, and a little of Austin. We should even get to see where Chris works. Can’t wait, and only 2 days with my baby isn’t enough, but it is wonderful to get to see them.

The convention has been great – have gotten to see a lot of people that we only see at these things. It is a lot quieter since Cleve isn’t here, and feels a lot different, but it is fun listening to all the stories everyone is sharing!

Well it is time to get back to reading some of my favorite blogs.

Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

Roughing It

Right now I am roughing it a little sitting at an outside patio on the riverwalk listening to a water fall. Hubby is in a meeting and I am enjoying the sights of San Antonio. The weather is beautiful, and the scenery is amazing – ducks quacking & watering running – all the while I am working on the

Have a great day, and more soon!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug &Bear

Superbowl Party Recipes

As promised I have more superbowl recipes for all of you. Boy do these look good. I think that the chicken wing receipe would be great for chicken tenders also. This way you have some great eats for both adults and kids.

I think that I would add sour cream to the Frito Pie. It sure looks yumy!


Oven-Baked Frito Pie. Layers of Fritos, chili, and cheese make this one satisfying meal.


Pinned Image



What is better than Chicken Wings or Chicken Tenders as far as taste and simplicity on game day?

Saffron Chicken Wings Recipe

Next time I’ll come up with some desserts for game day!

Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear




Here are some adorable FREE Birthday Fonts, and there is even a tutorial to teach you how to download, and save to your computer.


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Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear




Happy Birthday Pre-k Pack – Free Printables

I know that there are a lot of young mothers that read my blog and I thought while I am adding a new category – Featured Blogs – I found one today that has a lot of free printables for young kids. Some of the printables include holiday activities, dot 2 dot, and more. This is one of many available. Hope you enjoy!

HappyBdayButton Happy Birthday Pre K Pack

When you stop by and visit, please tell them I sent you their way.

Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear


Superbowl Party Ideas

The big game day will be here soon and everyone is getting ready for their Superbowl Party. February 3rd isn’t too far off, so now is the time to start planning. Whether you’re rooting for Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, or even if your team didn’t make it to Superbowl, you have to have some good snacks in order to enjoy the game.

I though that I would share some of my gameday favorites.


Pinned Image


Baked Sweet-Potato Chips Recipe

Pinned Image

More favorite gameday receipes to come.

Have a great week.

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear


Vintage Campers Obsession

I have recently admitted to my hubby that I have an obsession with vintage campers. I had a gal in the store the other day and she purchased a couple of pillows for her vintage trailer. I got so excited talking to her about camping in vintage trailers.

I am going to take my time to research, collect, and obsess over vintage trailers for a while, but in the mean time I thought I would share a few pics that I have found, and fallen in love with.

Oh, by the way, hubby rolled his eyes at me when I told him about the camping trips this gal goes on, and the vintage camper thing. What does he know?

Isn’t she adorable!

pink & silver camper  Vintage trailers like this are making a comeback. If you have the opportunity to pick up something like this for dirt cheap I would suggest getting it. Fixing up the interior is a lot of fun and quite inexpensive if you access the resources available OR you could call me and my husband and I will redo the interior and exterior for a reasonable rate.

I love the colors in this one~

Would love a pair of banquets where you could fold down the table and convert to sleeping space for guests

More later.

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear