Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Update

Some of you already know that we at the Dumdi Ranch have started SlimGenics. We are learning to eat healthier and what type of foods to eat and when we should eat them.

I can tell you that I have never thought about food this much. Food is constantly on my mind these days. And not in a good way. I have told hubby for years that this weight loss thing is a mental and learning how and when to eat the right things, but I didn’t really think that it was this mental for me.

And talk about cravings – No I didn’t always think about chips, pizza, mexican or chinese food, but I think about them now. I sure would love a bag of chips – before our weight loss journey I didn’t eat chips very often, or even think of them.

I am very proud of Mark, John, and myself. John and I have lost a total of 12 pounds each, and Mark has lost close to 30. We will have some challenges next week when we head to Gallup, NM, but I am sure that we will not stray too far. =)

I will keep you updated on our progress. Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

oh, yea – neither Haley nor Bear are enjoying this program. They look at me and then back to the green beans and think that I have lost my mind!

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  1. h horvat says:

    Way to go Nancie!! Keep up the good work.

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