Tax Time

I have finally figured out why today is called Tax Time – it because it is taxing getting all the info together to fill in the numbers into the computer. Whew – done – I REALLY need to find an easier way to keep all this info.

I have recently talked to a couple of dealer friends and they are in the same boat. There has to be an easier way to keep all of these numbers together while taking less time.  Paperwork, paperwork – and more paperwork. Maybe I just need another me to keep up with all of the paperwork.

Well I have started a couple of new speadsheets and may have figured out a way to at least take less time entering info into the computer. I am using google docs and have created a form to enter inventory, income and expenses. It seems a lot easier to enter the info into a form instead of the spreadsheet itself. The other advantage I see is that I can enter the info into the pc or on my tablet. So when I am out at an estate sale, I can open the tablet, enter where I am, and how much I spent, along with a description of what I purchased.

This way doesn’t tell me how much I spent for each item, but I at least have a total dollar amount I spent. I then will continue to write my inventory info into my book to keep track of how much I spent on each item, and my research info on the items. I will them be able to enter this info into my inventory form (spreadsheet). Do I need this much info? I don’t know, but I do know how much I spent on each item, and not just an overall total amount made or lost.

Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you keep track of all this stuff for “Tax Time”.

Have a great week,


Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear


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