4/14/13 – 4/20/13 Blogging Journal

New Beginnings – what have I seen recently that remind me of new beginnings – lots of things!

Baby lambs, baby calves, tulips, green grass, trees are starting to bud. I love this time of year. You need new beginnings everywhere you look. I love to stop on the side of the road to watch the baby lambs and baby calves play. They have so much fun running around playing. Just like watching kids on the playground, without a care in the world!

Tulips are starting to spring here in Colorado, and the grass is starting to green up. We are getting more rain and snow this week.

Another new beginning for me is that I have space in 2 more antique malls, and things are going great! Love both places, the dealers, and the owners!

To new beginnings!

Have a great week.

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

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