Some of our Christmas Triditions

Christmas Traditions

This is the time of year that I start to reminisce about holidays past. I am sure that many of you do also.

When the kids were young and we went Christmas shopping we always picked out toys to give to the Toys for Tots. The girls always loved helping wrap the toys for the less fortunate kids in our area. There were also a few years that with our 4 H club we adopted families. Each 4 H member would pick a person within that family and purchase their requested gift. We also provided their holiday dinner. It always warms my heart how my kids think of others, and helps to brighten someone else’s holiday.

Another favorite is driving around town and checking out all of the Christmas lights and decorations while licking an ice cream cone or eating a milk shake. It is so much fun to ooooh and ahhhh at all the beautiful decorations, and check everyone’s creativity.

Cookies – how can I forget? We always have to make Christmas cookies. The girls loved making and eating cookies and so does John. We can not forget to leave a few out for Santa, and the Reindeer. AND don’t forget the Milk. John always leaves a little hay out for the reindeer.

I would love to hear about your family’s Christmas Traditions. What traditions have you passed from when you were a kid to your own family?

Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’Pug & Bear

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