Néw @ The Ranch

Well there has a lot happening on the ranch the last few days. Sammie came through her surgery good, and then Jack had a stroke. Thankfully dogs strokes affect them differently than humans. He is doing a lot better, and should be back to normal within another week.

Mark and John checked out a horse for John and brought her home. Penny and John are getting along great. She is a beaut.

Haley d’Pug and Bear are happy little campers, but exhausted after a full day at the store. They got lots of love from the customers and then a soft taco on the way home for all of their good work.


Here is a pic of John and Penny. Isn’t she pretty. More pics to come.

Have a great day!

Nancie, Haley d’ Pug & Bear

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  1. vickie nyce says:

    She’s a beaut! Just think of all the ribbons, money, etc. John can win with his “lucky” Penny! Love ya Vic

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