Proof that Spring has Sprung @ The Dumdi Ranch

Well I told you a while back that spring sprung at the ranch, but now I have pictures to show you the proof of all the spring going on at the ranch. This is a brand new set of twins this morning. They are not even totally cleaned off yet.

This is a picture of Mary (yes, Mary the little lamb). Mary’s mother had a pair of twins and for some reason isn’t too keen on taking care of her, so we are bottle feeding her. She is drinking approx 12 oz of milk replacer every 4 hours. Right now she is sleeping as she already had her breakfast bottle!

And this picture is of Lil Red. Lil Red’s mom died during the birthing process, and the mom we have her with lost both of her twins, so we are trying to graft the two of them. Lil Red thinks mom is pretty special, but she is not sure yet.

Well back to work – have a great afternoon, and I’ll post more pics later!


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