Strategic Goal Setting Worksheet

Strategic Goal Setting Worksheet

By Laura E Anderson

Goal setting strategies enable you to make this year greater than the last. Any home based business needs to have specific and clear goals. Just as a business needs a business plan to get started, all businesses needs a check up every year to see what is working and what is not. Are the activities and strategies implemented last year moving you closer toward your goals or further away? A yearly roadmap guides your business on a clear path to success.

Strategic goal setting would seem to be common sense but few actually take the time to review and make the changes needed to advance their business. Just as getting to the gym is half the battle, goal setting gives you an advantage over those who don’t or won’t invest in writing down focused goals. Some of the questions will be easy to answer and some will not. So lets begin.


What new idea or strategy are you going to begin to market your business this year?

Looking back at last years efforts, what yielded the most business, sales and profits?

Last year what type of client or recruit grew your business? How can you attract more quality leads this year?

What clients, recruits, relationships and/or activities drained you of time, energy and money? How can you eliminate those things that are holding you back?

What new markets are you willing to jump into this new year that will bring you the most exposure, leads and return on investment?

Is the home based business market shifting? Are there specific concerns and fears you should pay special attention to?

What inefficiency has slowed your growth last year? What can be improved or eliminated?

What distractions kept you from completing all you desired last year? What can you do to keep on task?

What improvements can you make to your message or presentation? What change will make the most immediate impact on your business?

Is your message or presentation already successful? What other mediums, formats and markets can you tap into to gain more exposure and profits?

What percentage of profits will you reinvest back into your business through marketing or advertising to grow your business?

What can you do to increase your influence in the market, clients, recruits, business associates and other relationships?


What new skills will you learn and master this year to position your business in the top 10%?

What new skills did you learn last year that produced some results but still need further development?

What about your team? What skill sets should they be learning to achieve top performance in their business?

What top three marketing campaigns brought the most results and return on investment of your time? What can you do to semi-automate the process?

What would result in you spending 80% of your time and energy perfecting those three markets? What would change in your schedule to accomplish that?

Are you a master of something? How can you become a specialist in a particular high leverage skill? How will you accomplish that?


How much increase do you want to see in your net worth this year?

How much debt do you have? Do you have a plan to eliminate the debt?

What investments do you want to make this year?

What are you doing to prepare to become self reliant in this unstable season?

What steps can you take right now to decrease the impact of hard times while still growing your business?

Have you set up any special business protection such as LLC, corporation or trusts?

Do you have in place an expert accounting, financial and legal team ready and committed to your growth, prosperity and protection this year?

What negative financial habit should you break this year?


What action will you take to love and cherish your family/friends this year?

What behavior changes will you make to treat those important to you with respect, honor and gratitude?

What unique and special way will you show appreciation for your spouse/significant other and children to let them know they are most important in your life?

What skills can you teach your children or grandchildren that will give them special insight in leading a successful life?

What bad/unproductive/unhealthy habit will you eliminate this year?

How can you schedule time every day to invest in those you love?

What can you do to cut down on procrastination which ultimately robs you of time with family?

What ways can you start treating your spouse/significant other like a rock star (people will respond positively to positive treatment)?

Who can you forgive this year?


Willl God be in your life this year?

What steps will you take to seek out spiritual and uplifting moments on a daily basis?

What are you willing to do to invest in a relationship with God?

What can you do daily to show appreciation for the blessings in life?

How can you use your business to be a blessing to someone this year?

How will you use your talents to impact those around you for good?

What fear can you overcome knowing that God is your business partner this year?

How will you increase your faith in God and man this year?


Take a moment to select the most important goal in each category that you believe will have the most impact in your life and in the lives of those around you. Imagine what would happen if you spent 80% of your time and energy on just those things. Every area of your life would be impacted for the better. Write your top goals down and review them daily until your actions are automatic. Taking a bit of time now will influence the amount of success you see in the rest of the year. Your goals put in practice allow you to increase 200%, 300%, 400% or more this year. See you at the top!

Laura Anderson is an internet network marketer who loves helping people find financial independence online. At-Home Business Consultant helps people find the tools and resources to be successful for FREE. For free tips and training follow Laura’s blog at []

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